How to Begin Playing the Backgammon Board Game

Backgammon is one of the most successful board games ever devised. To win at Backgammon a player must possess a good mixture of skill and experience. To win consistently when playing the Backgammon board game a player will have learned these lessons well.

Before playing the Backgammon board game a player must set up the Backgammon game board. This board consists of twenty-four points that are grouped into four alternating sections of six points. These are either going to be home boards, or inner boards.

Players begin by throwing the dice and then move their respective checkers forward around the board. The other player then moves their checkers the opposite direction.

The amount of points or pips that may be moved by the player at any given time is determined by the throw of the dice. Each die represents one move of the checkers.

To win when playing the Backgammon board game a player must move all of their checkers past their opponents checkers and then off of the board. Players can move their checkers onto points occupied by their own checkers with no limit on how many checkers may occupy any single point. Points that are able to be played are called open points. While these are the basic rules of playing the Backgammon board game a player will have to develop their own playing style and learn how to play offensively, defensively, and when to use both. There are many ins and outs of the game that will have to be discovered before a player can play with a high level of efficacy. An item that would serve a player well to know is the doubling cube. This item alone can change the entire outcome of a game and a player better know how to use it.


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