How to Complete a Backgammon Board Setup

Before beginning to play Backgammon a player must first set up the board for game play. This process is easier if the player has played the game before. If a player hasnt played Backgammon before the process is still an easy one and is aided if the player has ever played Checkers.

Backgammon board set up is very similar to that of Checkers and the back of a Checker board is generally used for Backgammon game play. Pieces are interchangeable between the two games allowing ease of use. To begin game play a player arranges the game pieces into the designated areas and each player receives either red or black game pieces. On more decorative boards these colors may differ.

Backgammon board set up according to the rules. If a player is unaware of the rules one option is to ask the player they are playing against, by checking the board for a rule book, or by accessing the Internet for instructions on set up. There are many sites that offer very simple, easy to follow Backgammon board set up advice.

If a player decides to play Backgammon online there is no need to worry about Backgammon board set up. By accessing a Backgammon website all a player needs to do to is log in and the board is already set up for game play. A player merely begins playing when they are ready and stops playing when they are done. There is no set up and no mess to clean up when a player is finished.


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