Backgammon Boot Camp: An Informative Backgammon Book

Walter Trice wrote the book Backgammon Boot Camp in 2004 (Fortuitous Press, San Francisco). Much of the book was published on the Internet. Walter Trice has made his name by being one of the top ten players on the American Backgammon Tour for more than ten years. Trice is able to play the game, as well as analyze it for the benefit of his readers. In the book Trice offers something for every player, regardless of skill level or experience

Backgammon Boot Camp begins with the basics and this comprises the first ten chapters of the book. After covering the basics; such as, primes, anchors and closeouts the book delves into more advanced game play. Some of the topics covered in the advanced chapters are strategies, plans, options and position analysis. The end chapters deal with the more exciting topics of match play and attacking. A test is located at the end of the book allowing readers to review the key points of the book.

Backgammon Boot Camp allows the reader to actually see and plan out Backgammon game moves. Trice allows the reader to analyze the move and then explains what the best option would be. The author also helps the reader with why they should arrive at any given solution adding to the readers Backgammon reasoning skills.

Backgammon Boot Camp covers material not previously discussed in any other publication. Also, the books covers Trices forte, the doubling cube. Trices advice on the doubling cube alone is worth the price of the book and something that readers will be referencing far into their playing career.


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