Get double the value with a Backgammon Chess Set

Whether you are a chess or backgammon player, you may wish to try your hand at the other board game to improve your gaming skills. Although the rules to chess are quite different to those of the backgammon game, these games are often linked. A backgammon chess set is a popular way of selling both board games together.

A backgammon chess set is designed to play chess on one side and the backgammon game on the other. The set will comprise of all the pieces required, so make sure you know what is required for each to avoid confusion. Both games are recognized as intellectual games requiring a great deal of skill and concentration.

A backgammon chess set is a cost effective way of accessing both board games. The board often folds to store all the pieces when not in use and the reduced packaging greatly reduces the cost, so you get double the value. It is a good way to learn both board games, and to discover which you prefer. If you become an avid chess or backgammon player, you can always upgrade at a later date if required.

You can take free online tutorials in both board games to enhance the information provided in your backgammon chess set. This can help particularly with the complicated setups that are required. You can also help improve the speed of your play by using online games to practice as these are carefully timed and so faster paced.


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