The Popularity of Backgammon games in America

Backgammon has always been a popular board game throughout the world since its origin in about 3000 BC. With the Internet revolution the online gaming community has really taken off. The popularity of backgammon has rubbed off to online backgammon as well. Since the Internet has become a household thing in America, America boasts of the maximum online backgammon players. In fact backgammon games in America consist of both the online and offline formats of the game.

Backgammon games in America have become more than away of passing spare time or a few hours of entertainment. They are as good as any competitive sport. Players spend time and resources in learning the skills required to play backgammon. Then they spend many hours everyday honing their skills in the competitive environment of online backgammon games in America. The mushrooming of online backgammon sites easily provides the practice that the players need in order to excel at the game. Online backgammon sites also provide many of the resources that the aspiring experts need. Online backgammon guides provide detailed rules and strategy. Professionals write articles analyzing games. And there are several online backgammon tutorials where backgammon players can test their knowledge and skills.

The ultimate dream for any American backgammon player is to participate in the American Backgammon Tour and be listed on its roll of winners. The American Backgammon Tour is a yearlong tournament played at various cities. At the end of the year the players are ranked and the winners honored. The All-Time winners list of the American Backgammon Tour is like baseballs hall of fame. Every American backgammon player wants to be in that list. The American Backgammon Tour is in a sense the driving force behind backgammon games in America.


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