An Introductory Guide to Backgammon Instructions

To be able to master the backgammon game, you first need to be able to understand and follow backgammon instructions. The best place to begin is with the backgammon setup.

The backgammon game is for two players, and the backgammon setup is the same every time whether played online or offline. The players sit opposite each other with the board in between. The board comprises of 24 triangles in alternating colours that are referred to as points and a bar through the middle for removed checkers. The points are the spaces on which each player places and moves their 15 checkers. The points are numbered from 1 to 24 though this is not visible as the players move in opposite directions on the board: number 24 for player A is number 1 for player B.

Backgammon instructions are rigid with regards to how the game starts. The checkers start on the same points each time, and are moved in accordance with the numbers thrown on a pair of dice. Both players put their checkers in lines on specific points; 5 checkers on the 6 and 13 points, 3 checkers on the 8 point, and 2 checkers on the 24 point. Both players end up with checkers on both sides of the board, but not on the same points

The aim of the game is to move around the board and then to bear off first. The points that you move on must be unoccupied or have only one opponents checker on it. If you land on another opponents checker then backgammon instructions call this a blot. Their checker is moved to the bar and they can not continue play until they have managed to get this checker back into play.

Now you understand the basic concepts and know the backgammon setup, you can go on to learn more. To understand the backgammon instructions and rules more fully, try an online tutorial which will demonstrate backgammon rules using the software used to play the online backgammon game.


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