How to Complete a Backgammon Set up

If a player has ever been interested in the time honored game of Backgammon a player would be well served in learning the first step in becoming a proficient Backgammon player, Backgammon set up. By learning basic Backgammon set up a player can build a solid foundation for a lifetime of game play.

While a Backgammon set up may appear foreign to the unknowing Backgammon novice, it is actually very simple and quickly learned by even the most unskilled players. Quickly a player will be able to learn skills that they will use to consistently win matches.

The Backgammon board is laid out in the form of 24 points, or triangles, bisected by a bar. The 24 points are separated in four groups, or quadrants. The bar is very crucial to game play and it is essential that a player learn its use.

There are many variations in Backgammon boards with many players choosing to use elaborate custom boards. Unlike many board games where the colors are standard to game play, Backgammon set up is unique in that the color combinations are solely up to the imagination of the player. The only standard items to be found on Backgammon boards are the markings on the board, as these are crucial for regulation game play.

While appearing very much innocuous to the casual observer a Backgammon board can be deceiving. Many vicious battles have been waged over this small board between players that understand that it is a superior intellect and skill that will carry the day.


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