Blackjack Basic Strategy

If you want to improve your blackjack game and increase your blackjack wins all that you have to do is learn blackjack basic strategy. Blackjack basic strategy is quite simple to master and can help you to improve your blackjack game so that you’ll be winning big in no time.

The key to blackjack basic strategy is to know when you should hit and when you should stay or stand. Hitting in blackjack means that you are asking the dealer to deal you another card, increasing the value of your hand. Staying or standing in blackjack means that you are satisfied with your hand and would like to keep it as is. Staying and hitting in blackjack are tools that allow you to obtain a hand as close as possible to 21 without busting and a hand that is higher than that of the dealer. If you want to achieve this goal you just have to learn when to hit and when to stay.

As a general rule of thumb you should stay when your cards have a value of 12 or higher if the dealer’s exposed card is 4, 5 or 6. These low numbers greatly increase the chance of the dealer going bust and it’s better to wait for that than to hit and bust yourself. On the other hand, if you have less than 17 and the dealer has a face card, 10, 9 or 8 it is recommended to hit, as these cards make it very likely for the dealer to win with a high hand.

Try out these rules of blackjack basic strategy and you will see your game improve in no time.


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