If you're passionate about casino blackjack, chances are you've tried your hand at several different gaming establishments. Here we take a look at two aspects of casino blackjack that differ depending on which casino you're playing at.

The first relates to the dealer's hand. Most casinos are very strict about the way a dealer will play and the rules governing this are usually displayed at the table. The most common casino blackjack rule is that the dealer should stand on all 17's. This means that the dealer must continue to hit (take an extra card) until he has a total of 17 or more. If he holds an Ace, it will always be counted as 11.

The less common version is that the dealer hits when he makes soft 17. This is when the Ace is valued at 11 in hands such as Ace and 6, Ace and 2 and 4, and finally two Aces and a five. The casino has a higher advantage against the player in casino blackjack using this rule.

The surrender rule is a commonly misunderstood aspect of the game and rarely used in casino blackjack. Surrendering enables a player to forfeit half of his bet and fold early. The surrender rule is longer played at most casinos today. Therefore if you enjoy playing blackjack in a live casino, you are not likely to ever surrender.


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