Online Casino Blackjack

Players might be forgiven for feeling slightly overwhelmed when they first hear seasoned internet blackjack players and dealers communicating. There are several important words and phrases used throughout an online casino blackjack game that players need to understand before attempting a game of blackjack online. These words are ‘hit’, ‘stand’ (also known as ‘stay’) and ‘bust’.

When players are dealt their two cards in a game of online casino blackjack and decide that they want an additional card to advance nearer to 21, they ask the dealer to ‘hit’ them. The dealer will understand immediately and deal a new card. If, however, the player is interested in sticking to the cards in hand, without taking on an additional card, he or she wants to ‘stand’ (or ‘stay’). Again, this is a universal word understood by all in the internet blackjack world.

Another important term in online casino blackjack is to go ‘bust’. This happens when either the dealer of the seller has cards that total over 21. When one side goes bust, the other side automatically wins; therefore it is important for players to avoid going bust at all costs by playing their cards right and making the crucial decision of whether to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’ during an online casino blackjack game.


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