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Blackjack in the Online Casino Gambling Tradition

Of all of the classic online casino games, casino Blackjack is perhaps the most famous. It’s not only a common feature in film, television and pop culture, but it’s also survived an infamous history that includes a French name, an unpopular arrival in Las Vegas, and card counting scandals. Today, it’s one of the games that spurs high stakes online casino gambling.

Casino Blackjack comes from early 18th century France. When it first arrived in the United States, Blackjack, or vingt-et-un (21) as it was called in French, didn’t impress Las Vegas players at all. In fact, the casinos had to scheme up ways to entice players to try the European import. That’s actually how the name Blackjack came to be. Las Vegas casinos successfully attracted players to the game by offering a high payout for players who could score a natural 21 that included an Ace and a black Jack on the first deal.

The high payout did the trick. Today, no casino needs to convince players to try online casino gambling on Blackjack games because they’re already an important part of the online casino gambling tradition. Enthusiasts of the tricky card game flock to the tables to enjoy wagering on the great payouts and the interesting side bets that always crop up during play. Blackjack players can choose different levels of online casino gambling stakes to play with. There are tables with bets as low as $1 to as high as $50 for all players to enjoy.


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