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Casino Software

For players who participate in internet gaming, all of the games played online are played through casino software. Casino software is software designed by online casinos specifically for their websites. Each casino website will therefore use different software. That means that each casino’s gaming equipment has a slightly different feel, rhythm, option menu, and range of features.

In general, a website’s software look, design, and functions differ for each individual casino game. The Blackjack software will naturally look and feel different than the Craps software. The same goes for all of the other games offered by the casino website. There may, however, be a common format amongst all of the games on the same website. That makes sense, of course, because the gaming software was probably all designed by the same casino software design team. If you are playing Baccarat, for example, and you start using the Roulette software on the same website, you will probably find that the transition is easy because you are already familiar with the format or logistics of the software.

Casino software is the only medium by which casino games are available for play on the internet. Players can use the software in two different ways. The first is as a downloadable casino game lobby that can be installed onto a PC. The second way is to play directly through the casino website by simply opening up an internet browser. Note that “free games” may use less sophisticated software than more profitable real money games.


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