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Competitive and Non-competitive Casino Games

There are thousands of different casino games. Some games, like Poker and Blackjack, have dozens of game variations of their own. All of these games, however, can be separated into two broad categories: competitive and non-competitive games.

The competitive casino games are those that pit players against one another in a contest to see who the better player is. Players of these games wager on their skills against the skills of other players. They do not wager to beat the house or take down a dealer. Instead, all of the money invested can be taken by other players around the table.

A good example of competitive casino games is Texas Hold’Em Poker (or any other Poker games). Texas Hold’Em can seat as few as two players to as many as thousands of players participating in large tournaments. In Texas Hold’Em, the casino makes money by charging players a buy-in fee that allows them access to the game. Once in the game, however, all of the chips laid out on the table will eventually end up in the pockets of the better players.

Non-competitive casino games involve one player against the house (represented by the dealer), not against other players. Even if other players are seated around the table, as in Blackjack and Roulette, these players are not in competition with one another. As a result, casino gambling is limited to one of two winners: player or dealer. Other popular games in this category include Baccarat, Craps, Video Poker variations, and Slots.


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