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Different Categories of Casino Games

Every casino fan should know the difference between their favorite games. There are in fact several different categories of casino games into which specific games are grouped.

The first of these groups is table games. These casino games are, just as their name implies, played around a table. These are often the games that one sees featured in films and TV shows. They’re the flashier games, notable for their bright green felt table covers and their habit of drawing large crowds of spectators. Amongst the famous table games are Roulette, Craps, and Sic Bo.

Card games are often found grouped under the Table Games category. These are games that feature the use of at least one deck of 52 playing cards. Card games are some of the most popular of all the casino games and stimulate high levels of casino gambling. Famous examples from this group include Blackjack and all of its variations, Poker and all of its variations, Baccarat, and Casino War.

Another popular category of games is Slots. These are game machines that usually involve a small investment with the potential to make a big jackpot. The games involve more luck than skill, although practiced Slots players often claim to use specific techniques.

The last category of casino games is Arcade games. These fun and entertaining games are often based on popular hobbies like Rock, Paper, Scissors and Bingo. Other famous Arcade games are Hi-Lo, Keno, and various racing games.

Video Poker games are sometimes given their own category.


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