Internet Perudo for Beginners

If you haven't yet experienced a game of internet perudo for yourself, the following information should help to whet your appetite. Perudo or Liar's Dice is an easy game to learn and gives you many opportunities to go head to head with your opponents, demonstrate your perudo skills and with luck and practice, emerge from a game as the winner.

The first thing to familiarize yourself with before playing internet perudo is the aim of the game. In Perudo, the player with the last dice left on the table is the winner. This means that every strategy you employ should be aimed at preserving your dice, winning the dice of other players and bluffing to keep the number of your dice at a consistent level.

A game of internet perudo starts when each player has five dice and a cup. The cup is used to shuffle the dice so that your opponents cannot see the results. A player must check his dice and then tell his nearest opponent the results. He may choose to either bluff or tell the truth. Now comes the crucial moment. His opponent must decide whether he wants to increase, pass, equalize or doubt the what he has been told. The number of dice each player holds can now change depending on which choice the second player makes and whose dice need to be revealed.

When played competitively, internet perudo moves at a rapid pace and makes the time pass quickly. So why not take part in a perudo game online today?


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