Master Perudo Rules and Start Winning

If you want to start learning perudo rules to play the exciting game of perudo, read on. Instructions on how to play this simple dice game are easy to learn and memorize and can help you become a worthy adversary at online perudo sites.

All basic strategy for perudo is based around the end goal. This is to be the last player with dice left on the table. This is the most important feature of perudo to keep in mind and all perudo rules and strategies support this goal.

Let's take a look at how the perudo rules apply to a game:

* First, begin the game by shuffling your five dice under the cup * Now tell your nearest opponent what the results are. Do you have two two's? Or do you want to lie and tell him you have five two's? Bluff wisely and don't let him guess that you're doing so * If your opponent equalizes or doubts the information you give him, the round will end and you must reveal your dice. *If you have told the truth and your opponent has doubted you, he will forfeit a die. However, if he has caught you on your bluff, you must leave a die in the center of the table and play on.

As you can see, much of your success depends on how well you bluff. The perudo rules are relatively simple to learn but following them to the letter will not increase your chances of winning. To do this, you must learn and adapt some useful perudo strategies in your game in order to keep one step ahead of your opponents.


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