Formulate a Perudo Strategy for a Winning Edge

Much has been written about the bluffing element in the game of perudo. Without bluffing, a player is unable to adopt a successful perudo strategy. Therefore, the art of bluffing should be taken seriously and should be subject to continual improvement.

However, bluffing aside, there are several elements that make up a successful perudo strategy. One is confidence and a natural flair for the game. Another is the ability to make quick decisions based on changing circumstances. Still another is the power of observation and the ability to predict your opponent's next move. By this, we refer to the study of your opponents' games.

A sound perudo strategy is to use the first round of a game to determine who the most confident players are and what makes them stand out from their weaker opponents. Are they regular bluffers? Do they approach perudo with more experience or are their game plans based more on bravado? You can learn valuable information by observing your opponents. You can also avoid calling the bluff of the more confident players at first until you establish whether or not they are really all that they seem.

Another feature of perudo strategy is to keep your betting amounts at a reasonable level. Remember that the preservation of your dice is key to winning a game of perudo. Don't attempt to recoup losses too quickly. Your perudo strategy will become obvious to more seasoned players and they will call your bluff more frequently.


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