Play Perudo Online for Cash Prizes

Fans of dice and board games in the Latin world have long been familiar with the game of perudo. However, now American and European fans are discovering how much fun this exotic dice game can be when they play perudo online.

The magic of perudo has been captured successfully online to give you all the authenticity of a real live perudo game. Up to five players can usually participate at an internet perudo site. If your friends don't play perudo, don't worry. You can always find others looking for new opponents and friends against which to play perudo online. You can also learn just as much from playing online perudo as you can playing the live game. Studying the strategies of your opponents, practising new bluffing techniques and picking up valuable tips can all be done online.

Another advantage when you play perudo online is that none of the game's spicy Latin flavor has been lost. Most perudo sites will use the game's Spanish terminology to refer to the dice and to the decisions a player makes during the game. For example, the names of the five dice in sequential order are "as" or one, through to "sexta" or six when a sixth dice is introduced into the game. When you believe a player has lied about the dice he has underneath his cup, you can say "Dudo." If you want to pass on the information to the next player when you believe it is true, you can say "Paso." In this way, you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience when you play perudo online.


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