Suit Terms in Online Poker Games

There are four suits, or families of cards, in Free online poker: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades. Suit only becomes a factor in online poker games if a player has a chance at a Flush or a Straight Flush, winning hand combinations that require all cards to have the same suit.

Offsuit: The term “offsuit” is used in online poker games to indicate that cards do not have matching suits. Cards that are “offsuit” could potentially have made a Straight Flush or a Flush. An example of an “offsuit” hand is a Jack of Diamonds and a Queen of Spades.

Suited: “Suited” cards are the opposite of “offsuit” cards in online poker games. Here, “suited” is used to indicate that cards have matching suits and are “suited” to one another. An Ace of Hearts and a King of Hearts, for example, are “suited” cards.

Rainbow: You can probably guess what a “rainbow” is just by its descriptive name. “Rainbows” in online poker games occur when the cards on the table are composed of at least three or four different suits, creating a spread of unrelated cards likened to the colors of a rainbow. The term is well-known in online Texas Hold’Em poker, where players will often call a Flop with three cards of three different suits a “rainbow.”


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