Backgammon Masters Servers Flooded during Launch of Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments

September 11th, 2008 -- BackgammonMasters Online Game Operator added Multi-player Blackjack Tournaments to its Game Lobby last week thereby doubling traffic to its powerful tournament platform. The long anticipated Blackjack tournaments caused a flood of traffic to the game servers which handled the influx of players with no problem.

BackgammonMasters CEO, Jay Ryan explained more about the platform, “This was a great test, we had many more players than anticipated and were thrilled to see that the tournament went off without a glitch.”

Hundreds of players participated in the Blackjack tournaments with each player seated at tables of up to 5 players competing against the dealer. Whichever player wins the most at his table advances to the next stage, and so on until the final winner is left.

In addition to Backgammon and Blackjack Tournaments, BackgammonMasters will soon be launching Poker tournaments. Tournaments at began with Backgammon Freerolls which quickly gained popularity amongst online backgammon players. The success of those tournaments created a demand for the Blackjack tournaments and the soon-to-be-launched Poker tournaments. At any given time up to 6 tournaments may be running simultaneously on the platform in addition to all the other game tables and casino slots running at the same time.

Multi-player Poker and Blackjack Tournaments have gained popularity in recent years especially after the release of such Hollywood films as “21” starring Kevin Spacey which served the game of Blackjack and casinos both on and offline, well. The glamour and glory associated with these games in the film has attracted a new generation of young players to the tables, all of them hoping to become high rollers “as seen on TV”.

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