First Ever Perudo Online Game Software, Launched by BackgammonMasters.

February 7, 2007 -- BackgammonMasters is the first game company in history to create an online version of this Spanish dice game. In the tradition of their graphically rich online backgammon game software, BackgammonMasters has launched Perudo, a new software addition created in the same high standards as their ever-popular online backgammon software.

Perudo, with roots originating in South America and popularized in early Spanish History, is also known around the world as "Liars Dice". Perudo fans all over the world, especially the Latin ones, have been anticipating this day ever since the first die was rolled online.

BackgammonMasters provides its absolutely free, fun version of Perudo in the form of another game room which you can enter through the Game Lobby of their backgammon software. Now Perudo fans from all over and newbies to the game can login and play at tables of up to 5 players in an unlimited amount of tables.

With its stereo sound, 3D graphics and true-to-life avatars, the Perudo game experience is fast-paced, and often hilarious. Why hilarious? Its the bluffing element of the game that has players fooling each other, making unbelievable claims as to which dice are in their hands. There may not be any guns and shooting in this game, but the game is most definitely action-packed. Perudo gives bluffing a whole new meaning, the object of the game is to be the last player with dice on the table, even if you have to lie to get there.

If youre already a BackgammonMasters player, you can login in now and get hooked on a new game just like the hundreds of other players losing track of time with Perudo. If not a member, the software is available now for free download at


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