Backgammon Masters Free Download Software Available in 12 Languages Including Chinese

October 15, 2007 -- Backgammon Masters All-in-One Game Lobby is available in 12 languages, in on one download. Switching from one language to another has never been easier; players simply select their language of choice in the BackgammonMasters Game Lobby and instantly switch the interface language to Chinese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Hebrew, Japanese, English, Greek, Turkish, Spanish or Danish.

BackgammonMasters is home to one of the largest community base of players participating in games and interacting with each other on the net while communicating via real-time chat. Having all of these major languages available to players makes the software globally user friendly enabling thousands of players to play simultaneously on a single multi-language platform. BackgammonMasters boasts the largest community base of players from all over the world participating in the most popular games including Poker, Backgammon, Perudo and BlackJack.

Most of the content on Backgammon Masters website ( is available in the same languages as the application so players can learn how to play, get tips and strategies and as stay in touch with the latest promotions and special events. In addition, BackgammonMasters has plans to launch a LIVE multi-language Customer Support chat program where players will be able to get LIVE support online in their native language. This feature is soon to be launched with support available in English first, with additional languages to follow.

The next languages in the pipeline, according to BackgammonMasters are Italian and Russian. With each language added to the Game Lobby, traffic increases and creates a demand for more and more game tables to be added. As a result, the channels of communication are now wide open for all game enthusiasts looking for a place share and participate in their favorite games. For Chinese version visit: Backgammon Chinese.


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