Backgammon Masters Heavyweight Boxer Roman Greenberg Pounds Damon Reed

August 28, 2007 -- Last Saturday at the South Town Exhibition Center in Sandy, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Heavyweight Champ Roman Greenberg, 26-0-(18), beat out veteran fighter Damon Reed in the ninth round. Greenberg, age 25, 10 years junior to the 35 year old Reed, had not fought since March of 2007 and showed no mercy for Reed in the ring.

Greenberg, a Russian-born Israeli who trains in the UK, went into this fight with absolute confidence. In an interview before the event, the young undefeated fighter said, "I have not fought since March and cannot wait to take my frustration out on Reed." And that he did.

Most of the action took place in the eight and ninth rounds with a total of four knockdowns which finally brought Reed to his knees. Earlier in the fight, Reed seemed to be using all the tricks in the book against the cold and calculating Greenberg including using his elbows and pushing Greenberg to the canvas several times. "It took a little longer than I would have liked," said Greenberg after the fight, "but I hadn’t fought for a while. I saw that I could break him down with body shots (left hooks). He (Reed) tried everything to upset me and I was getting very angry in there but I knew I had to keep my composure and stick to my game plan. I was pleased I did that. Once you lose your temper your concentration goes so I’m pleased I kept my cool."

Greenberg now hopes to go up against an even bigger named heavyweight opponent and is on the shortlist to fight Vitali Klitschko in September. Greenberg said that he would be happy to fight anyone in order to become a top 10 heavyweight fighter by the end of the year.

Greenberg’s sponsors at BackgammonMasters who have supported the boxer since the beginning of his career had this to say about the boxer, "there’s no limit to what this kid can do, he’s proven himself time and time again and we believe he is on the fast track to becoming world champ." - online backgammon operator has been a major sponsor for Greenberg since early days of his career when Greenberg was comparatively unknown.


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