Betting Terminal Integrates Backgammon Masters Texas Holdem Poker Game Software

December 27th, 2007 -- Betting Terminal Inc has announced that they are integrating the BackgammonMasters Poker Game Software into their game terminals which are scattered throughout the world.

The first pilot for the integration will be launched in Croatia. The pilot installation is planned for 100 betting terminals in coffee shops, bars and other entertainment hotspots. The integrated terminals will include multi player Texas Holdem Poker and Casino games all to be accessed from the BackgammonMasters Game Lobby installed on the terminals.

The system is a remote access server based application, hosted and controlled by a remote access unit to process prepaid cards. This innovative platform is the first world wide release of the multi player Texas Holdem Poker game application. There are two modes which players can select from, private or public play mode.

Spokesman of has advised that other multi table games will be incorporated in the platform once the poker game application is integrated.

Players will be able to open an account or log in to an existing account at the terminal and access all of their account information. They will use a prepaid platform and several other methods of transaction, just like at their home computers, only now they will be using the terminal touch screens and will have the option of swiping their credit card for instant recognition of their account.

Betting Terminal CEO says they selected BackgammonMasters for this pilot because "BackgammonMasters is known for having the best graphics, the widest variety of games, and their platform is the most powerful and at the same time stable game software available in the industry."

As part of the deal, Betting Terminal has also developed a new land based remote access support application. The new system will support all 100 terminals simultaneously. The Support is available to all poker players who use the multi table poker terminal. The support operators will assist the players with any issue they may have including use of the terminal and/or the software.


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