Backgammon-Masters Online Releases Jean-Claude Episode 2

April 23, 2007 -- Tune in and watch the second installment of the BackgammonMasters Animation Series Life According to Jean-Claude. Jean-Claude may not know why or where the battle of Barbarossa was fought, but he can tell you that persistence is the key to winning any battle. And in the battle to be the number one online backgammon game, BackgammonMasters is winning. The reason? They have created a lean, mean, marketing machine thats taking online game advertising by storm. You cant turn a corner on the net without running into BackgammonMasters and their tiger mascot, Jean-Claude.

Besides being an industry leader with their exceedingly large and frequent tournaments and prize promotions, has pulled out all the marketing stops and Jean-Claude is a key figure. BackgammonMasters strongly believes that Jean-Claude is a powerful brand icon and a ground-breaking promotion for their skill game software.

The JC brand is an in-house developed marketing tool which allows BackgammonMasters to capitalize on the gaming market through the most popular community/skill games which appeal to a wide audience on a global scale.

BackgammonMasters all-in-one game lobby offers games such as Backgammon, Perudo (Spanish dice game), and Poker. And now, BackgammonMasters sources have announced that Blackjack is due out sometime in May. What gives BackgammonMasters the edge over competition is that all of their games are available from one site, in one platform, in one game lobby.

To view the first and second installments of the Jean-Claude animation go to Jean-Claude video page.


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