Backgammon Masters Launches Real Money "Perudo" Online Liar's Dice Game

September, 20, 2007 -- Shortly after opening their office in Central America, BackgammonMasters community game software company is launching the world’s first Real Money version of Perudo (Liar’s Dice). BackgammonMasters’ recent expansion into the Latin Market is answering the growing demand for Latin-based online.

Perudo, with roots in ancient Aztec and Spanish history and commonly played in many Latin countries, recently gained even more exposure after the monstrous animated pirates in the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” played the game with Johnny Depp. The game calls for players at the table to place bets on the quantity of dice face values contained in their opponents’ hands. The last person with dice on the table wins. What makes the game especially exciting for players is the bluff factor. Players must bluff each other quite often in order to confuse their opponents about the dice they are actually holding.

BackgammonMasters All-in-One game Lobby offers Play and Real Money Poker, Backgammon, BlackJack and now, Perudo, in one download of their multi-language software platform. That means that not only is Perudo available for all Latin markets, but all of the games and the software/game lobby itself is available in Spanish and Portuguese (and 10 other languages as well).

Now fans of Backgammon Masters community games all over the world, from all walks of life are part of a network that truly has a global appeal and, as a result, a huge increase in traffic. Login at anytime and you will see a diverse network of players joining in one place to enjoy their favorite online games. According to BackgammonMasters, the company plans to release many more culturally specific games that will appeal to mass audiences.


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