- Online Backgammon Operator Sponsors Roman Greenberg vs. Nate Tubbs Fight in NYC

March 9, 2007 -- Saturday night, March 10th, 2007 at Madison Square Gardens, undefeated Russian-Israeli heavyweight Roman GreenBerg (24-0-17) will go head-to-head in his 25th match against American Nate Tubbs (18-4) thanks to - online backgammon operator, Roman GreenBerg Sponsors. At only 24 years old, Greenberg has surprised everyone with his unexpected maturity and physical capabilities in the ring. This highly anticipated match is already causing a buzz.

Now a top heavyweight prospect, Greenberg has faced many top contenders along the way including Russian Heavyweight Alexei Varakin and American Steve Pannell who he fought in the 'Night of the Heavyweights' at the Seminole Hard Rock Caf? in Florida. has been sponsoring Greenberg since the start of his career and they believe he can go all the way.

As Greenberg makes his way up the rankings this 6 foot 3 inch, 240 lbs fighting machine hasn't forgotten his roots. Born in Russia, Roman and his family fled to Israel due rising anti-Semitism. They thought life would be better in Israel, but soon found out the hard way that bad luck can find you anywhere. The family was hit by hard times and ended up living on the streets. Looking back, Roman knows that the hard times hr experienced contributed to his ability to fight and focus on his dream. In addition, Roman narrowly escaped a bombing at a Tel Aviv nightclub a few years ago. 'When I think of that, the dangers of boxing seem relatively unimportant,' says Roman.

Roman's manager and promoter Robert Waterman saw Roman in a gym, and brought him to England where he trains under Jim Evans. Roman now lives in the UK and firmly believes with the same confidence he has in the ring that "I will be World Champion. Watch me".


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