Simple Tips for Backgammon

Finding out tips for backgammon are an essential part of learning to play. It is important that any backgammon player try to spread out their checkers as much as possible in the course of the game. This is because it keeps the board more open and so enables a wider variety of moves. This ensures that you can maximise the possibilities for every conceivable throw of the die.

Expert tips for backgammon advise the new backgammon player to watch single checkers. Leaving these checkers unguarded may result in a blot which will render your backgammon game useless unless you throw a number which can get this checker back into play.

Make sure that you leave the beginning points free in any backgammon game so that if you do get hit, you can get your checker back into play. This also shows the importance of securing your home board as soon as possible; this will prevent your opponent from being able to re-enter the game if you hit them with a blot.

One of the best tips for backgammon players is that when you role a double, move pairs of counters instead of one pair. This means that you maximize your options and can take control of a larger area on the board which improves your chances of winning the backgammon game.

Tips for backgammon can be located on independent sites and in the forum and backgammon school of your chosen site. But the only way to improve as a backgammon player is to practice what you learn. Use these simple tips to get you started.


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