Trust your online backgammon dice

When you play backgammon live, you physically roll the backgammon dice to determine your move. When playing online backgammon, the dice are rolled for you. To the new online player, this may be unsettling at first. However, online backgammon sites go to great lengths to ensure that the results of the backgammon dice are random.

Firstly, choose a site that you trust. You can select one by taking the advice of friends or family, or by looking up reviews on online backgammon interest sites. These sites are independent and give an unbiased viewpoint. When you have chosen a site on which to play, take a look at its fair gaming policy and see whether it meets your requirements.

The fair gaming policy will promise that all measures are taken to keep the online backgammon game secure from cheating. All sites have anti-cheat software that regulates and monitors play. The anti-cheat software is designed to spot any unusual play patterns or software irregularities and to correct these. The software is constantly updated and improved and so ensures that your backgammon dice rolls can be trusted to remain random.

Each backgammon site accentuates their anti -cheat software with a dedicated team which look out for and investigate any claims of fraudulent play. Many online backgammon sites are also opting for voluntary accreditation from regulatory bodies; you can spot these clearly as accreditation is marked with a bright logo.

If you follow the above steps then you will make sure you choose an online backgammon site that you can trust, this means that you can roll those backgammon dice and enjoy playing your favourite game safe in the knowledge that you are receiving the best possible fun and fair game around.


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