What is Jellyfish backgammon?

Jellyfish backgammon is backgammon software that not only plays backgammon against you, but teaches you how to play; explaining moves and analyzing options; whilst also developing its own game, learning from your weaknesses so that it will always challenge you.

Jellyfish backgammon is based on a neural net. To most of us that doesn’t mean an awful lot! In simple terms, a neural net is what gives a software product human like intelligence. This enables the program to learn from you. This doesn’t mean learning how to play backgammon; it already knows know how to play backgammon, and to play it well, whilst also analyzing and explaining moves to you. Learning from you means that it will learn how you play backgammon and adapt its game accordingly. In other words it will learn your particular techniques just as a human adversary might, and fight against them, making jellyfish the most challenging opponent you can find.

It is easy to find jellyfish backgammon software on line. At some sites you will incur a commercial fee for downloading it, at others you will find it for free. Once you have downloaded jellyfish backgammon, you will always have a challenging opponent waiting for you; human like in its logic, constantly adapting to give you the game you want whilst also offering the option to explain to you how to improve your game. With Jellyfish software, you will find all that you will ever need in backgammon software.


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