If you want to play Poker at the ultimate site for Texas Hold em come to BackgammonMasters where you will find both high stakes and low stake tables no matter what your level, you will feel at welcome at BackgammonMasters. BackgammonMasters is a unique online poker site serving a community of poker players from every level and from every country. Our platform is unmatched by other sites and gives you a poker playing experience like no other online casino can give. Also check out our video poker games, as well as a wealth of poker tips and strategies located right here on our website. All of the poker help files at BackgammonMasters are completely free as is the poker game itself. Just click to download for free.
To start playing like a professional poker player and make an income from the game, you will need hours and hours of practice. At BackgammonMasters you can practice the game as much as you like for free and then try out your skills in the real money rooms. As with any game, the more you play poker, the more improvement you will notice in your game and the more you will earn! Becoming a pro takes time and commitment, if you have a passion for poker you will notice improvement in no time. Our poker game rooms have been designed to give you a luxurious 3D poker playing experience like no other poker site. Join our community of poker players and learn from the best.
Pro poker players can enter our high roller rooms, and new players are encouraged to test their skills in our play money poker rooms and use sit in and observe other players games using the view mode. After building your confidence as a poker player, take a seat at any table and feel the excitement of playing for real money.
When ready to play for real money, we’ll give you a $25 free money bonus, you can practice on our money at first instead of yours! If you need help or have a poker game question, click on our live customer support button in the game lobby. We hope you enjoy your poker games, see you soon at the tables!
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