Backgammon Articles

What is Doubling in Backgammon Gambling? - Learn what doubling means in Backgammon gambling, and how to respond when you are offered a double in a Backgammon game.
Hitting Strategies in Backgammon - If you’re a new Backgammon player, study these tips about hitting to improve your Backgammon game.
Dice Rolling Rules in a Backgammon Game - Learn about how Backgammon rules dictate how players must handle the dice during a Backgammon game.
Common Terms Used in Online Backgammon - Learn about common online Backgammon terminology that might be used during your Backgammon game.
Backgammon Rules for Hitting and Entering - If you get hit in your Backgammon game, these Backgammon rules will help you learn when and how to enter back into the game.
All About the Backgammon back door - Find out all there is to know about playing backgammon back door. A full description of back door backgammon will encourage backgammon players to take the plunge and experience all that this software has to offer.
Are You a Backgammon Beginner? - Develop a backgammon game at a backgammon for beginners site. Learn the different techniques needed to become a sound backgammon player.

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