Backgammon Articles

The Backgammon Novice Division for Beginners - Join the backgammon novice division and start learning new backgammon skills. Find out how being a backgammon novice helps players join exciting tournaments to win online.
Controlling the Stakes with Backgammon Money Management - Develop top backgammon Money Management skills and learn how to make your backgammon money last longer. Learn what the crucial goals are in backgammon and develop a strategy that supports them.
Join the club and begin to play backgammon on line - Discover the excitement of backgammon on line where backgammon players can meet new people, learn new skills and win cash. Learn how easy it is to turn your backgammon skills into real money.
The Basic Contents of a Backgammon Set - Find out what makes up a backgammon set and learn how to recognize the crucial elements of a backgammon game. Backgammon is easy and fun to play so why not learn as much as possible about this exciting online game?
Various Backgammon Starting Options - Read about the best backgammon starting position and how the first backgammon move made can influence the outcome of the game. Learn about other games based on backgammon and try them for fun today.
Backgammon Money Play: The Initial Stake - Read about backgammon money play competitions and how players can develop their backgammon game against their opponents. Learn how backgammon rules can help to speed up the play to create a fast and furious game.
The role of a backgammon piece - Learn how to move a backgammon piece in a game of backgammon. Find out how a piece traverses the backgammon board in this exciting race against your opponent.
Backgammon Novice Level is the Place to Start - Learn about the skills necessary to reach a backgammon novice level. Start playing backgammon online and find news ways to develop backgammon skills.
The Backgammon Setup Made Simple - Learn how to use the backgammon board to your advantage and how to remember the backgammon setup. Once players know this, they're ready to play backgammon.
Learning the Backgammon Starting Position - earn how backgammon players begin a game of backgammon. The backgammon starting position is quick to learn and easy to set up.
Why the doubling cube is the most tactically important backgammon official rule - The use of the backgammon doubling cube is arguably the most important backgammon official rule. Learn how the backgammon champion can use this rule to his advantage to beat his opponent and win.
Backgammon set up for enjoyable play - Why not try a backgammon game to while away the hours? Backgammon set up is easy and once a player is familiar with the backgammon board, the rules are simple and quick to learn.
Improve Strategy Through Backgammon New Board Games - Basic backgammon rules have hardly changed through the ages. Discover the latest backgammon new board games and find out why backgammon continues to be a favorite in the gaming industry.
Backgammon Race: A Faster Variation - A backgammon race is a competition between two players. The player that removes his backgammon checkers from the board first wins the backgammon game.
Enjoy the real riveting backgammon straight race - All about online backgammon. BackgammonMaster's proprietary backgammon software lets you play backgammon online for free or for real money.

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